Moving to and living in Commerce Michigan

Located approximately 30 miles outside of Detroit, Michigan, Commerce Township is a picturesque location, ideal for any nature-lover or outdoor enthusiast. Surrounded by rolling hills, grand forests, and vast rivers and lakes, Commerce is the perfect area for anyone looking for that quiet oasis outside of the busy city life. 

Though the area is nestled far enough from the business of the Metro Detroit area, it is still close to many of the area's amenities, restaurants, shopping locations and more. Well rated schools, parks, recreation areas, lakes and more are dotted throughout the township providing residents with all they could want or need. 

For those that are interested in heading to downtown Detroit to take advantage of the excitement the “Motor City” has to offer can find themselves arriving at their destination in roughly 40 minutes. Commuters can also take advantage of this proximity, residing in a quiet, calm community while working in a thriving and diverse business district. 

The mixture of small-town, family feel in the suburban areas as well as the calm and soothing countryside of the rural areas allows Commerce Township to offer up numerous scenic and quiet residences to its population. 

This guide serves as a glimpse into what Commerce Township offers its residents and why it could be the perfect location for your next house purchase. 


Commerce Township attracted its first settlers in 1825 with the help of the Huron River. Along the quiet riverbank was the perfect setup for the first buildings: a simple log cabin and a blacksmith shop. The log cabin was replaced in 1840 with a large farmhouse, which still stands today as a historical landmark. In 1830, a trading post was established and was used to trade with the native Potawatomi tribe. 

In 1831, Alonzo Sibley became the first permanent settler. He purchased roughly 80 acres of land for a whopping $1.25 per acre. Sibley continued to buy up the land in Commerce Township until he had 350 acres in total. He later generously donated a portion of that land to build the South Commerce Burial Ground and the Free Will Baptist Church of Commerce. 

The city of Pontiac (about 15 miles northeast of Commerce) built a new road in 1834 as a means of connecting to the city of Ann Arbor. The road, incidentally, travelled directly through Commerce Township. Commerce seized this opportunity to further establish themselves and grow as a community. 

The erection of the Commerce Roller Mill in 1837 was a huge contribution to the Commerce Township economy. The use of the Huron River to turn the mill wheels and allow the processing of lumber and to grain flour was instrumental in the success of Commerce’s economic development. 

Commerce Township continued to develop into a sustainable rural area without ever compromising its small-town charm and tight-knit sense of community. 

Commerce Township Real Estate

Affordable, comfortable family homes are a staple in Commerce Township as well as idyllic cottage homes. Many properties can be found settled next to quiet bodies of water providing gorgeous scenery and tranquil atmospheres. 

Homes for sale in Commerce Township are primarily single family detached homes. From cozy bungalows, sprawling ranches and executive estates, the Commerce Township real estate landscape is diverse encompassing a number of sizes and styles. 

There are a number of vacant lots available set within the countryside or hugging the lakeshore. Acreage or residential subdivisions lots offer the perfect location for builders to construct your new dream home! 

The cost of real estate in Commerce is typically between $200,000-$400,000. The median cost of rental properties is approximately $1,700 a month. Most of the homes available range from medium-sized 3 or 4 bedroom homes to large-sized 4 or 5 bedroom homes, ideal for families, which makes up a large portion of the population. 

Whether it’s the quiet country life you’re searching for or a friendly small town to get better acquainted with, it can most definitely be found in Commerce Township. 

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Commerce Township is located in Oakland County and spans about 30 square miles. The area includes Walled Lake, northern Wixom, northwest Novi, and of course, Commerce Village. Commerce has been named one of the best places to live in Michigan due to its incredible landscaping, impeccable school systems, and general high standards of living. 

Whether looking for a suburban neighborhood or a secluded country property, Commerce Township offers both for those considering a move. 

So Much To Do

Commerce Township is an absolute dream for the adventurous nature-lovers. Between campgrounds, lakes, and farms, there is a wealth of activity to partake in, no matter the season. Reconnecting with nature is as easy as heading out to the many greenspaces, lakes, trails and more that meander throughout the township. 

Commerce is home to several amazing golf courses that will help anyone advance their game and perfect their stroke. Check out Bay Pointe Golf Club or Edgepoint Country Club, both offer beautiful natural settings, well kept grounds, challenging courses and clubhouses.

In the fall, there are apple orchards, such as Long Family Orchard, Farm and Cider Mill,  with pick-your-own mentalities to create the ideal autumn memories for any family or couple. During the snowy winter months, there’s cross-country and even downhill skiing. Spring and summer are ideal for hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and basically any other outdoor activity, which are all available throughout Commerce Township. 

For indoor entertainment, Commerce offers several movie theatres, bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, indoor playgrounds, and so much more. There is fun to be had by the whole family or just a few friends looking for a night on the town. 

Enjoy The Outdoors

The heart of Commerce Township is Proud Lake State Recreation Area. With 4,700 acres of stunning landscape, Proud Lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether it be a day-trip or an extended camping adventure, Proud Lake is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and take in all that nature has to offer. 

In the spring, summer, and fall, hiking and biking enthusiasts can enjoy more than 20 miles of trails displaying many diverse habitats flocked with flora and fauna. In addition to the amazing trails, the Huron River makes for an enjoyable canoe or kayak expedition. An excellent opportunity arises for any photography admirers when the leaves begin to explode with colour in the fall. The snow-covered winter months provide perfect conditions for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. 

Aside from Proud Lake State Recreation Area, Commerce Township has many other lakes and rivers to explore and fish on, as well as hiking trails and campgrounds. Avid bird-watchers will find many areas to sit and await the glorious sightings of colourful and unique creatures. The peace and tranquility of Commerce alone is enough to melt away any stress or anxiety of big city living.  Hickory Glen Park, Dodge Park, Mill Race Park, along with Wolverine Lake, South Commerce Lake, Woodbridge Lake, Reed Lake and North Lake are all situated through the Township. 

A Focus On Education

There are two fantastic school districts in Commerce Township, each of which have a name for themselves in one area or another. Commerce is known state- and nation-wide for its high academic standards as well as sports-related achievements. 

Walled Lake Consolidated School District covers the southern area of Commerce Township and is the larger of the two districts with 19 schools and about 15,500 students. WLCSD is ranked in the top 5% of all public school districts nationwide. Schools located in the Walled Lake Consolidated School District include Glengary Elementary School, Oakley Park Elementary School, Mary Helen Guest Elementary School, and Walled Lake High School. 

Huron Valley School District covers the northern area of Commerce Township. HVSD houses 15 schools and is known throughout Michigan for having the best State track and field team two years in a row. Some schools located in the northern Commerce Township area that fall under the Huron Valley School District include Country Oaks Elementary School, Commerce Elementary School, Oaks Middle School, Clifford H. Smart Middle School, and Walled Lake Northern High School. 

A Look At The Arts 

Several locations throughout Commerce Township have been deemed historical sites. From buildings established around the same time the town was founded to key areas that were instrumental during the Civil War, Commerce has a rich history that can still be seen today. 

For example, back in the 1830s, a family called the Banks lived in Walled Lake at Foster Farmhouse. Before and during the Civil War, this very farmhouse was used as an Underground Railroad depot, being on the path of freedom for slaves escaping the southern plantations to Port Huron or Detroit, and then up into Canada. Foster Farmhouse is still standing today and is a major historical landmark for Commerce Township. 

The residents of Commerce Township have access to an incredible library stocked with books, movies, toys and activities, and programs designed for children of all ages. The community has the opportunity to be highly involved in childrens’ education. On top of all that, they also offer the services of programs for adults such as ESL (English as a second language) and technology classes. 

Ample Amenities

Residents of any area appreciate necessary amenities and easy access to everyday services. Commerce Township is full of offices, medical services and more to ensure its residents are well taken care. 

Locations such as the Ford Medical Center Commerce, Acuity Optics and Medical Eye Care, Lakes Internal Medicine, Pontifical Trail Medical Center, Michigan Primary Care and Rheumatology Associates and Detroit Medical Center Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital are set throughout Commerce Township.

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Restaurant and Shopping Variety

Commerce Township has many family-owned and operated businesses. Scattered throughout Commerce are dozens of cozy, friendly, neighbourhood dining establishments offering delicious home-cooked meals. Enter any one of these delightful diners and you will immediately feel at home. 

For everyday shopping and errand running, Commerce Township offers plenty of grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and box stores to choose from. Along the east side of the Township there seems to be the highest concentration of shopping plazas, strip malls and more. Popular locations for residents include Kroeger, Walmart, CVS, and ACE Hardware. 

For dining options, the Commerce Township is dotted with both national chains and independently owned establishments. Again, the most restaurants are found along Haggerty Road in the east side of the Township. Frequently visited restaurants include Leo’s Coney Island which serves up Greek and American Dishes, El Nibble Nook offering Mexican flavor, Kitchen Hanzo preparing fresh Japanese plates and Picasso of Pizza Inc, a family run spot known for its delicious pies. CJ’s Brewery, Kickstand Brewing Company, The Lakes Bar and Grill and It’s a Matter of Taste are all worth trying out! 

If you can’t find what you are looking for in Commerce, a 15 minute drive west will bring you to downtown Milford where numerous restaurants and shops await. Many boutique shops await you downtown. Local residents have dedicated themselves to providing top-quality service to tourists and locals alike. From jewellery to clothing, from gifts to home furnishings, downtown Milford has a little something for everyone. Their unique boutiques are guaranteed to satisfy every patron to browse on by. 

Commerce Township is an ideal location for buyers from all walks of life. From buying your first home to raising a family, building your dream house or settling into your golden years, Commerce Township caters to all. A diverse housing market, affordability regardless of budgets, a range of amenities and services, a collection of restaurants and stores and an ample amount of outdoor fun and recreation are all offered to residents of Commerce Township.

The quiet country setting that Commerce Township calls home is the perfect contrast to the excitement and business found in nearby Detroit. Residents can enjoy the best of both worlds - easily visiting the city while returning home to the peace and tranquility that is Commerce Township.

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