The Payne Real Estate Team Mission

Once upon a time….if you wanted to purchase a home, you would  have to walk into your local real estate office and flip through a book of homes for sale.

Over the years, technology changed the face of Real Estate and an agreement between Real Estate Brokers called “IDX” (Internet Data Exchange) was created. IDX enables homes for sale to be displayed all over the web, allowing consumers to find homes for sale right from their personal computer or smartphone.

The “DX” in our name 3DX, symbolizes the way IDX changed the way consumers shop for homes. “One thing that sets 3DX apart, is how we utilize the latest & greatest technology to achieve the best results for our clients. However, this is still a people business,” The “3”, in 3DX represents that Real Estate is a timeless industry, requiring a Buyer, Seller and a quality Real Estate Agent.

The Michelle Payne real estate team was founded because we felt the real estate market was stuck in the past, it is one of the few things that has not changed in 30 years.  When I started real estate 30 years ago I learned from the best agents of that time. I learned how to market a home, how to pursue a lead and sell real estate.  When I entered back into the real estate market 20 years later, I found very little had change.  How can that be?  The majority of agents are doing the same thing today that  I did 20 years ago.  I have always loved technology and figured it was time to sell and buy real estate the way it should be! 

We have developed a more creative, exciting way to sell real estate.  We are marketing gurus and excel at creating very effective marking campaigns that get your home noticed.  Most agents take a few pictures, put up a sign and hope that buyers will arrive.  We use cutting edge technology, along with good old fashioned customer service to help our customers succeed in the real estate market.  We are your one stop shop and you will see the difference between us and everyone else! 

Our Mission will always be  to provide the highest level of honesty and expertise to our clients and make buying and selling real estate fun! 

Before you buy or sell you owe it to yourself to talk to us first!





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